RWX birthday! DE B24C2 Released!

Hey guys, today’s my birthday, so I -might- go out and get stupidly drunk tonight and leave the second chapter for tomorrow or post it at a REALLY weird hour! FYI, we are already up to 11 chapters a week and halfway to 12 chapters a week on my new Patreon. You guys are great, […]

Ancient Strengthening Technique 534 & 535!

Announcement:If you would like to make a pledge -> Click HERE! (There will be Portraits of Beauties waiting to be unlocked)Chapter 534 and 535 are regular chapters (2/14)TL:  DragonInWhite (534), Rila (535)ED:  Nintendonuts, TheNoraShinkiTLC: lordbluefire

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 386

If you would like to support my translations, you are welcome to make a pledge: Patreon!AGM 386 – Battle at the PeakChapter 386 is a regular chapter (1/3)Donations would be much appreciated. Thank you! xoxo ^^ Translated by: KuroEdited by: Milkbiscuit

RMJI Chapter 299

Please enjoy: Chapter 299Second Patreon chapter for this month!A great thank you to our Patrons:Jesse S, Christopher S, Dragos P, Eduardo C., G, Minh H.,  TofuCats, LEE-TIN-YIEN Y, Shankar V, Lighting B, David K, Dante, piou314, MD, DarkAvenger, Peter T,…

Emperor Chapters 420 to 422

Translator: Bao Editor: Nahct Proofreader: Light Chapter 420 Chapter 421 Chapter 422 Blaze it! I mean, happy birthday, Light! He’s been a great help with the quality of the work and we hope you’ll give him your best wishes as well! Although he’s at a birthday party right now and probably won’t see it until […]

The King's Avatar Manhua Chapter 27.2

Chapter 27.2 Here’s the next chapter. Supposed to be yesterday but i was out the whole day orz. ——————————————Translator: kelaudeCleaner: kazrikuTypesetter: xMyuuchanxEditor: Milkbiscuit :^)

~WDQK Chapter 627~

~Chapter 627~ TLed by Arron Edited and TLCed by Law & Yeow An exciting update! We have now hit our 2nd patreon goal and we will be releasing 7 chapters a week! Do support us through Patreon if you are able to. Early access to chapters will be provided and we even have something special planned […]

☯ ISSTH Chapter 1300 ☯

Another milestone chapter, wow! We’re closing in on the end. Please don’t forget that there will be a big contest to mark the end of the translation, with thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Depending on how the coming month or two go, the end of the translation, and the contest, should be sometime in […]